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Trailer Towing Awareness

This course is run to the standard of the
(Work Equipment Regulations 1998).
It is designed for maximum practical training on vehicles,
Training starts off with a theory lesson and includes a theory test.
The start of the practical lessons are on flat even ground to provide a suitable period of time for vehicle familiarisation.
Once delegates are at a safe stage to progress further the course enters the work appreciation stage which is very rewarding for the delegates to encounter but still in a controlled environment. This course can be run off road or on hard standing.
Maximum student to instructor ratio. Four students to one instructor
Course duration one day

Course content
Pre use inspection and preventive maintenance
Machine controls and safety measures
Driving techniques to include
Correct connection and dis-connection
Down hill & Side slope controls
Measures to control loss of traction on gradients
Uneven ground & condition of ground awareness
Control of vehicle in confined areas
Load awareness on vehicle

Course Dates on Request