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Slinger, Banksman Course

Our training course is run to the standard set out by the Health and Safety Executive.
During the course we demonstrate the use of particular equipment, which they will have to use and instruct them about the jobs they are required to do and point out any particular hazards of the sites where they will be working.
The course starts off with a theory element finishing off with a theory pass or fail exam.Then the course starts the practical stage but only when the delegates have shown themselves to be competent and entirely safe do they then pass the course.
The course runs for three days, with a maximum of six delegates on the course

Course content
Relevent legal requirements including examination, certification and resposibilities
Introduction to equipment
Routine inspection, reporting and maintenance
Assessments of loads and centres of gravity
Signalling methods
Selection of lifting gear including methods of slinging
Signalling methods including the recognised codeof manual signals

Course Dates on Request